Clinical trials

Real-time, real-world data powering clinical development.

Enhance your research

No matter the study design, location, or format, Invaryant brings dynamic real-time, real-world metrics into clinical trials with its patient-centered data engine.


24/7 surveillance & patient monitoring


Event-based monitoring

Interactive adherence tools


Dynamic consenting


Data Validations

All data is collected and maintained in a system with rigorous data validations augmented by BOT workflow “enforcement” to ensure the correct activities are occurring for each visit and the results are properly entered into the system.

Real-time Data Is Everything

Minimize the need for onsite reviews by collecting critical data from PIs, monitors, DSMBs, etc. Swiftly identify and address potential issues with detailed audit trails that clearly show the chain of evidence by both onsite clinicians and those involved in cooperative care.

Integration Is Key

Connect to systems that hold vital study data and ensure that any changes in a patient’s health status inform or alert PIs. Through patented middleware, Invaryant supports both EDC and eSource DDC within the same study, providing your team the flexibility to manage any type of trial in one platform.

Are you a CRO or LSO service provider?

Patient safety should always be at the top of your priority list, and with the help of our innovative technology, you can make that a reality. By partnering with Invaryant, you can harness the power of shared data to find solutions that enhance clinical development.

Power your trial with data

Bring connectivity and flexibility to any clinical study. With Invaryant, the trial site can be wherever your patients are, making it easier and more efficient for PIs and other healthcare providers to participate.

Arm your PIs with the power of remote care and the patient’s real-time medical status. Engage the patient’s whole care team and address complications or concerns, all in one collaborative platform.

Harness the power of Invaryant’s specialized, intelligent BOTs and automate physician scheduling and checklists to ensure clinicians have everything needed for a successful visit.

Enhance decentralized trials

We’re big believers in the decentralization of trials, which is much safer for both patients and the teams involved. Through our interoperability and extraoperability gateways, data can be shared and reviewed with ease. When combined with our remote monitoring capabilities, Invaryant is truly unmatched in patient safety during decentralized trials.


Why Invaryant?



Drives Invaryant’s data engine and security

21 CFR Part 11


Platform built for regulatory compliance



Clinical trial and risk management experience

undeniable truths about clinical trials



Trials ignore patients’ daily lives & lifestyles


Patient adherence is difficult to manage


Patient diaries don’t work


Monitoring is visitation driven, not event driven


Consenting is not compliant


Recruiting naive patients has become difficult

Experience unprecedented dimensions of clinical research and harness the power of 24/7 monitoring with Invaryant.


Superior compliance

Access trial updates from anywhere, at any time, through Invaryant’s GxP, HIPAA, and HITECH compliant and HITRUST certified platform.

Dynamic visualizations

Experience real-time dashboards and know exactly what is happening in the trial at all times. No more need to run reports.

Connected devices

Connect seamlessly to IoMT devices, such as wireless scales, blood-pressure monitors, and EKGs. The data is synced automatically to the patient’s record as the device is used.