Energizing data

Advancing healthcare with real-time, real-world health data.

Where research meets its match

Invaryant consolidates dynamic health and wellness information from diverse sources into a single, normalized structure, putting data to work for your needs. Invaryant supports existing tools for a wide variety of life sciences and healthcare applications.


Beyond interoperability

Make safer, more effective products based on real patient data from healthcare and consumer product industries.

Patient centered

Benefit from better data from a diverse set of more involved and informed patients.

True real-world data

Harness normalized patient data from real-world sources to add new dimensions to clinical development.

Clinical trials

Center clinical trials on the patient through Invaryant’s modular, patient-centric platform using real-world data to proactively surface vital information when it’s needed. Invaryant boosts stakeholder experience, simplifies regulatory burden, and drives down operational costs, providing an immediate ROI. With data flowing in real time, you and your team will be able to focus precious resources where they’re needed most.

Risk evaluation & mitigation

With dynamic real-world data sourced directly from the patient (with their explicit permission), including medical records, wellness and device data, and surveys, Invaryant augments Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS). Easily track program metrics from patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies within an interactive dashboard that allows you to view aggregated data or deep dive into patient cohorts and trends.

Invaryant offers all-encompassing solutions that can be fully modified to fit your team’s needs.

Real-world data

Invaryant ensures patient safety while helping you put data to work to facilitate innovation, reduce risk, and increase ROI. Our patented technology unifies health data and presents it just in time, providing you with the power of actionable data to advance the development of new drugs and treatments, and contribute to population-health studies. Real-world data informs critical decisions in real time, enhancing the safety of all patients.

Are you a CRO or LSO Service Provider?

Patient safety should always be at the top of your priority list, and with the help of our innovative technology, you can make that a reality. By partnering with Invaryant, you can harness the power of shared data to find solutions that enhance clinical development.


Why Invaryant?



Drives Invaryant’s data engine and security

21 CFR Part 11


Platform built for regulatory compliance



Clinical trial and risk management experience

Combine these modules and more to customize the platform that fits your needs.

Adverse event reporting


Real-time alerts

Systems integrations

Data backed by patient consent

We believe competitive research is all about aligning with your most important stakeholder: the patient. With our patented technology, you can count on Invaryant to deliver data with full consent and complete security, no matter what the direction of your research.

Data Backed by Patient Consent